Killian Dain Comments on the Break Up of SAnitY

We’re all still digesting the changes WWE made in last’s night’s Superstar Shakeup on RAW including SmackDown Live Superstar, Killian Dane.

One of the big changes that caught fans off-guard, outside of the War Raiders name change, was that Eric Young, leader of SAnitY, was moving from SmackDown Live to RAW. The announcement wasn’t made by him appearing on RAW and running through an opponent like most shook-up (shaken-up?) stars did last night. Nope. The announcement was made via graphic with Eric Young buried in the back and Eric Young’s name was barely mentioned when the graphic aired.

What wasn’t mentioned on TV or on was whether or not Young would be followed by his stablemates. Looks like Killian Dain gave us the official answer:

The last time we saw a quite slimmer Killian Dain on television was him posing as part of Shane McMahon’s job squad being laid out by The Miz.

It’s a real shame, because during his time in NXT, Killian Dain was being pushed as a legitimate threat to the upper-mid to the top of the card. He was in that amazing 6-man ladder match for the NXT North American Title just one year ago.

Alexander Wolfe retweeted Dain’s comments and seemed to ask the fans what they wanted to see come out of the Superstar Shake-Up.

I’ll answer that for you… We want SAnitY!