Galaxy S5: CHOE Tech Qi Wireless Charger

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I have been fascinated by wireless charging since I first heard about such a thing. It sounded so science fiction and I instantly felt like a needed it in my life. I have used the Qi standard of wireless chargers before with my ever so brief stint with the HTC Droid DNA. I knew it was a slower charge, but the fact that I could just set my phone down on a charging pad and go about my business was pretty darn cool.

The Galaxy S5 is capable of wireless charging, but sadly is not offered out of the box and requires an additional purchase. You need to purchase a charging cover or receiver as well as a Qi charging pad if you don’t already own one. I have heard of third party wireless receivers being sold, but never did look into them until recently. After some research I decided on the Qi wireless charging kit made by CHOE Tech.

The Qi wireless charging kit from CHOE Tech comes with a receiver and charging pad. The charging pad uses a micro USB cable to wall charger. The receiver was kind of tricky to align, but that is no fault of the receiver. That is more the fault of Samsung. Once lined up, you snap the back cover back into place and that will hold the receiver in place. Now when you place the phone on the charging pad it will charge wirelessly.

The design of the pad is nice. It is a soft touch rubber texture with a chrome band that wraps around the device. The charging pad is small, which actually works out pretty well with the Galaxy S5 since it has a protruding camera. The camera will not rest on the charging pad, so the device won’t wobble a bit when you’re interacting with it while it is charging.

Overall, I feel like the CHOE Tech wireless charging kit is a pretty good deal. You can get it form Amazon for around $38. Samsung’s official Qi receiver alone, without the charging pad, will run you about $30. The CHOE Tech wireless charging kit is an economical way to keep your desk clutter free and not have to deal with the hassles of the port cover flap on the Galaxy S5.

CHOE Tech Wireless Charging Kit $38 +/-