Supergirl Pilot “Leaked” Online

The pilot for Supergirl has leaked online. I use the word “leak” loosely. With all the bad press, we are all left assuming it was released intentionally by the studio to help set some minds at ease. If that was the goal, them dudes totally succeeded!

Ever since the trailer for the new CBS show aired last week, I have been really critical of the show. Just a few days ago I posted about my favorite cartoons I would like to see made into movies and made mention my distaste of the portrayal of Supergirl in the trailer.

Whether the leak was intentional or not, it put my mind at ease along with much of social media. I am very happy with how the show is taking on the Supergirl mythos and crafting it into something completely digestible for CBS (also known as… The Old People Network). I feel like the reception for the Supergirl pilot has been better than The Flash when its pilot leaked. Perhaps it is because expectations were so low or perhaps it is because it appears to be a genuinely good show. Hopefully, the latter proves to be true.

It is a pilot, so there is quite a bit of set up and it is certainly not without its faults. The whole “I’m a girl and successful and hot” bit was too much. It also does have a big dose of inspiration from The Devil Wears Prada. There is no love interest introduced in the pilot, which is a welcomed change from the television formula. (It’ll happen, but at least they spared us from the eventual introduction of a McDreamy for one episode.) She stands tall on her own. Girl Power!

Overall, it was a good effort. Supergirl appears to be headed in the right direction this time with Superman’s blankie attached to her neck. The show will appear in the Fall and I can’t wait to set my DVR for it. Give Kara Zor-El a chance and I think you will find yourself hooked on yet another television show from DC Comics.