Wireless Earbuds on the Cheap

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APEKX Earbuds

Remember when Apple invented true wireless earbuds last year? Well, true wireless earbuds have been around for some time now. So much so that there are some major bargains to be had with some lesser known brands.

APEKX Mini True Wireless Earbuds are my favorite of the no-names. I picked these up after getting tired of the around the neck in-ear headphones. I own the Samsung Level U and the bluetooth connection kept cutting out on me whenever I tilted my head back at the gym. (Think lat pull downs.) I also own LG Tones and I hate how they feel in my ear. I didn’t want to return to wired headphones, so I decided to give true wireless earbuds a try.

Design, comfort and specs:

APEKX mini wireless earbuds

APEKX Mini Earbuds are bluetooth earbuds that are truly wireless. You can use one or both earbuds. These earbuds are solidly constructed and each contain a rechargeable 40mAh lithium-ion battery. The included portable storage charging case houses a rechargeable 650mAh lithium ion battery. APEKX advertises 3 hours of playback. I found this to be true. I was unable to test the charging times for the earbuds or the charging case. I like how the earbuds magnetically pop right into the charging case.

The pairing process is simple and painless. You will only have to go through the process once if paired to only one device. They feel very light and very comfortable in the ear.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality is above average for the price point. I am not an audiophile, but I found the volume to be high enough during a jog on the treadmill and the bass to be deep enough for my late 90’s hip hop playlist. APEKX markets these earbuds as “noise cancelling.” No way. Sound bleeds in no matter what you try to do to prevent it. The built-in microphone works well enough for those people who you don’t really want to talk to, but still have to.

Final Verdict:

These earbuds are no-frills. There are no fancy gestures. Heck, there aren’t even volume controls. The only thing you can do is answer/hang up on a call or pause/play a song. If you are looking for Google Now, Siri or, crap, even Bixby (y tho?) integration, go elsewhere. However, if you are looking for the convenience of true wireless earbuds with a comfortable fit and slightly above average sound at a budget price, give the APEKX Mini True Wireless Earbuds a try. I doubt you’ll regret it.

APEKX Mini True Wireless Earbuds


For the price, these guys are worth buying for the plane ride home.