Vero app: The Next Instagram?

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There’s a new social media app making waves at the top of the charts, Vero. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Vero promises a “more personal” social network more in touch with the nuances of real world relationships.

Like pretty much every other social media platform, you can share links, pictures, music, etc. When crafting a post, though, you can decide who to share it to. You can share the post to all your followers or specify what group of people you would like to share the post with.

I guess that is where the app is supposed to shine. You group people into friends, close friends and acquaintances. This allows you to take the follower relationship one step further. I know you can do a similar setup within Facebook, but, if you’re like me, most of your Facebook friends are people you actually know in real life. I actually did try setting up a similar set up with my Facebook account years ago and it just made my brain tired. For me, this is more like a refined Twitter where you can easily cut through the noise if you’d like by just taking a look at a feed that only contains people you actually know.

Vero promises no advertisements. (We’ll see how long that lasts.) Instead the company will move to a subscription model. There is no word as to how much a subscription will cost, but I heard the company claim it would be “the cost of 2 cups of coffee” per year. So, I don’t go to Starbucks. Are we talking McDonald’s senior discount levels or Starbucks Latte with add-ons levels? Yo amo mi Bustelo.

Another frustrating thing that will not be in play with Vero is any stupid algorithm that screws up your timeline. Why, you say? Well, because everything will be in chronological order! It’s the way God, herself, intended social media to be consumed.

Vero Screenshot

Vero Screenshot

The app is beautifully designed. I found it a little difficult to navigate at first, but once you tap around a bit you can get an idea as to what’s what. That said, it kind of feels like the first time you sign up with any social media platform. “Well, I’m here. What do I do now?” I remember that feeling with Twitter and G+.

Vero has actually been in existence for quite some time now. Not really sure how it got so popular from one day to the next. The hype surrounding it reminds me of Google Plus and the death of the hype will probably end up being just as fast. I understand people are seeking alternatives to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and, even, Snapchat (especially Snapchat), but Vero’s founders have a shaky past and Vero’s terms of service read like you’re about to give away your children.

Have you given Vero a try? Will you give Vero a try? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.