Black Lightning Episode 7 Review

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Black Lightning’s pursuit of Tobias continues. Anissa continues to find herself in the new normal.

Equinox: The Book of Fate

This Black Lightning review contains spoilers. You have been warned.

Following the revelations of the week prior, this episode of Black Lightning opens up with Lynn trying to talk Anissa down as she is calling out her vigilante father’s hypocrisy over his MLK quotes of non-violence. Meanwhile, Gambi is also trying to calm Jefferson down and lead him away from the idea of killing Tobias. Both Lynn and Gambi are cautioning them that the actions potentially chosen can lead them down a dark path.  Anissa brushes off her mother saying Lynn doesn’t have powers, so she can’t possibly know what it feels like to have the power to fight back and choose to sit on the sidelines. Jefferson wants revenge for his father’s death and no longer trusts Gambi.

Tobias is a beastTobias is in a cage match with a big, muscular dude. Tobias dominates the fight. When the opponent shows some resistance and Tobias ultimately kills him, he and Toledo search his bag to find a packet of Green Light. Tobias realizes the money being made on Green Light is not worth it if it is killing his client base. “Dead customers don’t pay.” Looks like Kylo Ren and the Supreme Leader are about to have themselves a meeting.

Jefferson and Anissa have a talk after he learns about her taking down the Confederate statue from Henderson. Anissa tells Jefferson about the research given to her by David Poe. She tells her father she took some of her grandfather’s research to Lynn’s lab before the attack occurred. Jefferson then realizes that must be the reason Lynn was attacked. The goons were after his father’s research. He tells her to warn Poe about the potential danger he may be facing, but she discovers she’s too late. When Anissa goes to pay Poe a visit, one of Poe’s coworkers tells Anissa that David died a few days earlier in an “accident.”

Gambi pays a visit to Lady Eve to have a conversation with her about Tobias. Lady Eve defends Tobias based on the amount of profit he is making for her and the organization. Looks like Tobias was instructed to live in the shadows, but he’s not doing any of that. Tobias is set to open up a club. Gambi argues that he is being reckless and egotistical. She orders Gambi to send a message to Tobias by taking out Joey Toledo. Gambi agrees and takes out Toledo at his fight club.

Toledo was Black Lightning’s only lead on Tobias, which is probably why Gambi was so quick to agree to kill him. Gambi leaves a little golden box of albino ashes on Joey’s chest to send a message to Tobias. Tobias flips his shit when his sister tells him of Toledo’s death. The two begin to put together a plan to get Lady Eve out of the picture.

Inspector HendersonCommissioner Gordon Inspector Henderson gives Black Lightning a call on the “Black phone” to give him a heads up about Toledo’s death. Henderson connects the dots from Toledo to the new jazz club opening up. It doesn’t take long for him and Black Lightning to come to the conclusion that Tobias is the club owner.

Black Lightning pays a visit to the new jazz club. He thinks back once more to his father’s murder and takes that rage with him into the club as he blasts Tobias with everything he has. As he fights Syonide and Tobias’ goons. Black Lightning is able to take out most of his henchmen, but as Tobias is escaping… his sister, Tori, is killed in the crossfire. Jefferson takes her death pretty hard. It hits him so hard that he talks to Anissa about it. Gambi warned him this would happen.

Tobias isn’t the only being attacked that night, though. Tobias’ men attack Lady Eve at her funeral parlor. Lady Eve fights valiantly, but just when we think she might live to fight another day, a third attacker emerges from one of the caskets and kills her. The men were sporting some high tech weapons that appear to be based off of Black Lightning’s powers in an apparent attempt at tying him to her death. Hopefully, we will get the origin story behind those weapons.

And then came the biggest twist of all… LaLa is back! I mourned his death earlier in the season. It felt like an absolute waste of a good villain. I’m glad he’s back. He wakes up on the bed of a no-tell and is greeted by Lawanda, the woman he murdered in episode 2. She asks him if he believes in the resurrection and then dissolves into a tattoo on his chest.

Really damn good episode. Excuse me while I pour one out for Lady Eve and excuse me while I throw one down in celebration of LaLa’s return.

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Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 7
  • Equinox: The Book of Fate


Great episode! Glad to see LaLa is back. I’m good with Tori being gone. With her gone, though, Tobias has lost his voice of reason. I fully expect him to go mad. Looks like Black Lightning is now a wanted man. Wonder how long he will remain in hiding.