Belkin Case + Stand for the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a must have accessory for the iPad Pro, but, much like the iPad, it feels fragile. I have splintered real pencils that were thicker and heavier than the Apple Pencil.

So, with all that said the best thing you can do is follow the same rule of thumb when picking up an iPad… protect your investment and get a damn case.

Another issue I foresee is there are tiny bits that could get lost. There’s the nib, the cap on the Lightning connector, the extra nib and, of course, the underrated adapter that allows you to use a regular Lightning cable to charge your Apple Pencil instead of having it charge directly from the iPad Pro.

Belkin Apple Pencil CaseThe Belkin Case + Stand for the Apple Pencil is made of white, hard plastic with a gray matte silicone top. The silicone is also found in the recessed part of the pencil stand where you would inset the tip of the Apple Pencil.

The top of the case is secured magnetically to the case. Inside the case are molds for the Apple Pencil and a small compartment hidden behind a sliding door that contains a mold for the charging adapter, extra pencil tip and storage area for the pencil cap for when the Pencil is charging. I appreciate this attention to detail, because it helps secure some annoyingly small and annoyingly expensive parts. It is a really simple, smart and affordable accessory for the Apple Pencil enthusiast.

The Belkin Case + Stand for the Apple Pencil is available through Amazon for $24.99 at the time of this writing.