The War Raiders renamed yet again

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Last week’s Superstar Shake-Up brought lots of changes to both RAW and SmackDown, but there was only one thing people were talking about…. The Viking Experience.

For reasons only known to Vince McMahon and his inner circle, WWE decided to scrap the name of the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions from War Raiders to The Viking Experience. The backlash was swift and fierce from fans as WWE became the laughing stock of social media quickly after the duo’s name flashed on the screen.

The name didn’t last long, though, as WWE has closed that section of Epcot and renamed the former War Raiders as The Viking Raiders. Hanson and Rowe’s names are still IKEA tables, but this is progress, I guess.

The name change came Monday afternoon and their Superstar bios have been updated on

The Viking Raiders, Ivar & Erik, have one objective in mind: World domination.

For years, The Viking Raiders used brute force to capture tag team titles wherever they went, from the U.K. to Japan. Looking to devour new competition, Ivar & Erik turned their attention to the NXT Tag Team scene in early 2018.

Ivar & Erik, whose gruff exteriors would look right at home beyond the wall in “Game of Thrones,” have made smash-mouth collisions their stock in trade.

… The Viking Raiders are roaming, all other tag teams had better beware.

But the name The Viking Experience isn’t quite dead yet. It is now the name of their finisher:

While you’re here, here’s a flashback to happier times:

What do you think of the name change? It’s better than The Viking Experience, right? I actually don’t mind it. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.