Black Lightning Episode 8 Review

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Black Lightning Gambi

Black Lightning works with Anissa to help find information to clear Black Lightning’s name. Jennifer begins interning for Lynn. Meanwhile, Gambi finds himself in a precarious situation.


This Black Lightning review contains spoilers. You have been warned.

This week’s episode of Black Lightning opens with Jefferson and Anissa sparring while news reports discussing Black Lightning’s presumed involvement in Lady Eve’s death. It seems as if the community is turning against Black Lightning. Reporters interviewed several people who expressed that they felt Black Lightning had gone too far in killing Lady Eve.

Jefferson and Anissa pay a visit to the morgue to examine Lady Eve’s body to search for clues that would clear Black Lightning’s name. Gambi and Anissa determine the burns Lady Eve suffered could only be obtained as the result of a high-voltage nuclear-powered weapon. Her burns were inconsistent with the pattern of burns she would obtain through a lightning strike. They track the radiation to Hampton Woods. There they discover a convenient shallow grave and blinking high-tech weapon. Jefferson alerts Henderson to the grave, but the call was intercepted.

Lynn takes Jennifer to her lab to help clean up, but that is interrupted when Lynn discovers some of Alvin’s research was missing. Jennifer goes to help her friend hang campaign flyers at her school. Her friend climbed some scaffolding to hang one of her campaign posters. Jennifer fears her friend getting hurt as she falls from the scaffolding and we see the first glimpse of her meta human powers manifesting.

Black Lightning LynnLynn heads over to the lab where she sent some powder for testing only to discover that lab had been broken into as well. Samples were removed and files corrupted. Luckily, there was a hard copy of the analysis available. Lynn takes the data back to her lab and compares it against Green Light. The components of the sample vaccine and Green Light are an exact match. Jefferson instructs her to take her findings to Gambi. Lynn puts two and two together when Gambi tells her he can’t talk about the vaccine.

Lynn tells Jefferson he needs to talk to Gambi about his time before Freeland. Gambi confesses to Jefferson. Gambi reveals that his real name is Peter Esposito. He came to Freeland as an agent for the ASA. The government agency was conducting experiments by giving the people of Freeland vaccines that were meant to keep the people passive during a politically explosive time. (Hello “Dark Alliance.”) The vaccine inadvertently gave some of those people meta human abilities. It was Gambi’s job to find those people. When he realized the vaccines were killing children. He leaked the information to Jefferson’s father and that information got him killed. He also let him know the ASA is actively tracking him and his family down. An angry Jefferson storms off and tells Gambi to stay away from him and his family. This is a twist from the comic book, but Gambi still had a role in his father’s death.

Black Lightning LalaOh, and Lala’s back. He returns to the club where he finds a couple of his boys. They tell him people thought he was dead. He has his boys take him home. Lawanda appears next to him telling him he should kill the two to protect himself. He’s speaking out loud to his vision of Lawanda. His boys glance at each other like “Is this real life?” Back at his home, Lala is in the shower with a naked Lawanda. I was expecting a Ghostbusters blow job scene here. The two kiss and Lawanda disappears into a cloud of smoke and reappears as the tattoo on his chest.

Good episode, for the most part. I really enjoyed the detective work, but the payoff was lackluster. Kind of reminded me of the whole ballistics scene from The Dark Knight. It didn’t add much to the story even if I did enjoy it. Did Henderson ever make it out to the site of the shallow grave? Is Black Lightning cleared of the charges? I like that they brought Jennifer into the story and completed the trio of supers. I fully expected them to wait until next season for her coming out story. It was a pleasant surprise.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 8
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Decent episode. Could have done without Lala’s scenes. Really missed Tobias. Can’t wait to see his freak out over his sister’s death. Was all that detective work in vain? Who’s going to stitch together Jennifer’s suit now that Gambi has been exiled?