Wireless Charging Case for Airpods

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In my last post I talked about going all-in on iOS. In addition to the iPhone XS, I picked up the Airpods. I became a fan within hours of getting them. One thing I didn’t care for was the charging solution for the charging case.

Ever since I picked up a wireless charging kit for the Samsung Galaxy S5, I have been a fan of wireless charging. Apple introduced the world to their AirPower wireless charging solution for the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods last year, but it has remained vaporware since its introduction. Part of the promise of AirPower was to bring wireless charging to the AirPod charging case. That also remains vaporware, but thankfully there are several third party options.

I decided to give the Wireless Charging Case for AirPods by Leakind a try. The case provides full protection for the AirPods Charging Case without adding a lot of bulk.

The charging case is essentially a full coverage wireless charging case for your AirPods charging case. (A case for yo case!) The case is made of good quality plastic that feels no different from the OEM non-wireless charging case. At the bottom of the Wireless Charging Case is a Lightning connector. On the rear is a push button that provides access to the AirPods pairing button. The induction area is on the front of the device, so you would place the unit face side down on a Qi charging pad to charge. There is a green LED indicator light on the bottom that lets you know when the unit is charging.

Overall, I like the Wireless Charging Case by Leakind. It provides the convenience of wireless charging while giving the AirPods charging case some protection without adding a lot of bulk. I’m a fan and would recommend it to anyone who has AirPods and has made the jump to wireless charging.