How to Stream Movies, TV Shows and Music for Free

Did you know you can borrow digital media from your public library for free?

You can do so with apps like Hoopla, Libby and RBDigital. You can read the borrowed books or magazines on an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or even a Kindle. You can listen to the borrowed audiobooks or albums on the device of your choice. You can watch the movies or TV shows on the device of your choice.

HooplaHoopla has a large selection of movies, television shows and music to choose from. You can stream the media through apps for devices like Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV.

I also use Hoopla to read comic books. I’m still a Marvel Unlimited subscriber, but I use Hoopla to read DC and Image Comics. I use it to catch up on DC’s Rebirth and read through series like Saga, Paper Girls and Sex Criminals. The deal between my local library and Hoopla allows me to borrow up to 7 titles per month.

My wife uses Libby, by OverDrive to borrow books from the library to read on her Kindle Paperwhite. Libby takes some setting up at first, but once you are set up the borrowing process is a simple one. Once you connect your library and Amazon accounts through the app, you can elect to send the borrowed book to your Kindle device.

I use RBdigital to borrow magazines from the library. They have quite the selection of magazines available to the public for free. The app also lists access for ebooks and audiobooks, but the app isn’t as user friendly as Hoopla is and doesn’t offer nearly the selection Hoopla offers.

The public library is a great resource that everyone should take advantage of. I have been a fan of the public library since I was a kid. I lived in an apartment building that was directly across the street. Heck, I probably still owe them money. Public libraries have come a long way since I was a kid. The one my family and I frequent now offers classes, meeting rooms, computers, 3D printers and creative spaces for public use.

So, pay a visit to local public library, sign up for an account and enjoy the benefits of free access to digital media and resources.