Wireless Charging Powerbank Hands-On

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I have been a fan of wireless charging since the days of the Samsung Galaxy S5. I went out and purchased the wireless charging kit for that phone and never looked back. I carry quite a few items in my tech bag these days and with so many power hungry devices, I need a way to keep them charged up and ready to use when I need them.

The wireless portable charger by RLERON helps me keep my devices topped off and ready to use at a moment’s notice. The folks over at RLERON sent me their latest portable charger for review and this thing just might be my new favorite thing in my tech kit.

The wireless portable charger offers 3 outputs of 5 volts, 2.4 amps each. It also includes a wireless charging area where you can charge a wireless charging capable device. The charger offers 2 inputs at 2.4 amps, 1 for a micro USB and 1 for a Lightning cable.

There were three features that pushed me to consider this power bank as a replacement for my existing charging solution:

  1. The 24,000 mAh capacity is absolutely fantastic. I have an older battery pack that offers much less power and is about 20% bigger in size and significantly heavier. This battery pack is smaller, lighter and offers more outputs and input options.
  2. Speaking of the input options, as an iPhone user, having the lightning input is an absolute game changer! It helps me minimize my tech kit and would love to see more manufacturers make this an option.
  3. Wireless charging. As I said before, I am a fan of wireless charging and having this power pack with wireless charging built into it is such a bonus. Admittedly, the phone does charge slower when done wirelessly, but I usually bring the power pack with me on camping trips, so I just lay the phone on the charger overnight to charge.

There are some wishlist items on my list should the company put out a version 2 of this product:

  1. Provide a grippier surface on the charger to keep the phone from sliding on top of it.
  2. Provide fast wireless charging capabilities. As I said earlier, the slower charging speed doesn’t usually bother me. If I wanted faster charging, I could always plug into one of the 5V/2.4A outputs, but it would be nice to have for those times when those ports are being used for other devices.

Outside of those two wishlist items, I feel like the Wireless Portable Charger by RLERON is a solid buy. I use it to keep my iPad Pro, camera batteries, iPhone XS and Airpods all charged up when I’m out and about.