SmackDown Review 11.08.2019

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The build to Survivor Series continues.

SmackDown kicked this week’s episode off with a 10+ minute promo by Baron Corbin that included him barking like a puppy.

The New Day def. The Revival (c) – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Not sure why The Revival isn’t connecting on the main roster. They were great in NXT. Figured The New Day would come away with the win as Kofi’s consolation prize for doing the job to Brock Lesnar on the debut episode of SmackDown on Fox.

The match kicked off with Kofi trying to put away Dawson early with several rollup attempts. Wilder faked a knee injury to take advantage of Big E. E tagged Kingston in and Kofi did what Kofi does. Dropkicks and suicide dives galore. Kofi went for the Trouble in Paradise on Dawson, but Wilder pulls Dawson away. The two double-teamed Kingston with a Superplex from one corner and a splash by Wilder from the other corner for a near fall as Big E dove in to break up the pinfall attempt.

Dawson hit a Tornado DDT on Big E and attempted the same with Kofi. Kingston hit the SOS on Dawson for a 2 count. E blocks a Shatter Machine attempt. E held Dawson up while Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise for the 3 count.

And we have new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Grade: 2 3/4 Stars

Heavy Machinery come out for a match, but they are laid out by Imperium. The New Day run out with Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews and Chad Gable for the save. 

Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura def. Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable

I could watch Sami dance all day long. He’s a great hype man and is everything Lio Rush was not. Cesaro gets no TV introduction. Mustafa Ali comes out without his LED vest. And I don’t care what they say his name is Chad Gable.

Bryan comes out to the ramp to watch the match. Cesaro hit a monster European uppercut on Gable right at the bell. Cesaro tags in Nakamura. Gable puts Shinsuke in a hanging arm bar. After a tag, Ali hit a rolling facebuster on Cesaro and a DDT for a 2 count. Shinsuke hit a reverse xploder on Mustafa Ali and went for the Kinshasa, but was hit with a superkick. Sami Zayn distracts Ali. Cesaro capitalizes on the distraction and Nakumra hits the Kinshasa for the pin and the win.

Closes out with Daniel Bryan stroking his beard on the ramp. 

Grade: 2 1/4 Stars

Sasha Banks def. Nikki Cross

It’s Boss time… Huh… a Snoop remix of Banks’ theme music. Not a fan.

Banks took control early and choked Nikki on the ropes as she gave a shoutout to Bayley who was sitting at commentary. Banks hit a running Meteora for a 2 count. Bayley’s eye makeup is stupid. Nikki hits a terrible head-scissor on Banks and followed up with a couple armdrags and a crossbody. The action spills out of the ring as Nikki attacks Bayley. Cross went for a crossbody from the top rope and Banks countered with the Banks Statement. Cross countered the submission attempt with a rollup. Sasha countered with a rollup. Banks countered Nikki’s attempt at the Purge with the backstabber/Banks Statement combo. Cross taps.

Grade: 2 1/2 Stars

Post-match beatdown by Bayley on Cross when Shayna Baszler comes out to attack Bayley. 

Sami continues to try to recruit Bryan in the locker room when The Fiend turns the lights red and attacks Daniel Bryan. 

Tyson Fury comes out to play to the Manchester crowd and to hype up his February 22nd with Deontay Wilder. Fury tells Braun the two of them should form a tag team. Enter the B Team. Squash. 

Carmella and Dana Brooke def. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville – Winner scores a spot on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series

We were supposed to get this match last week before Bianca Belair laid out Dana Brooke and threw Carmella into the abyss. Did we really need this? Nah.

Sonya took control early on Carmella. Fire & Desire keep Carmella in their corner with quick tags and double teams. Carmella fights through and tags Dana Brooke. Dana does her cool handspring elbow and cartwheel splash to Sonya for a 2 count. Brooke hits a Swanton onto Sonya and scores the pin.

I’m not used to Dana Brooke winning matches. Brooke looked better than Carmella out there. This was meh.

Grade: 2 Stars

King Corbin def. Roman Reigns

Y tho?

Reigns throws Corbin into the barricade and beats him down all around the floor prior to the bell. Back inside, with the bell rung and the match now official, Corbin takes it to Reigns before getting a big boot. RooDolph come out for some reason, because Baron Corbin’s Midcard of Evil will never die apparently. Roman hit a Superman Punch to Roode and a Samoan Drop to Ziggler. Corbin took advantage and hit a so-so Deep Six on Reigns for a 2 count. Corbin and his loyal subjects put a beatdown on Reigns. Roman’s babyface comeback is cut short by a chokeslam from Baron. Reigns hit a huge clothesline for a 2 count. Roode hopped onto the apron with Roman hitting a Superman Punch to Robert and spear to Ziggler only to get caught by Baron in an End of Days. Corbin covers Reigns for the pin and scores the 3 count.

Solid match even though we’ve seen it so many times already.

Grade: 2 3/4 Stars

WWE SmackDown 11.08.2019 Review
  • The New Day def. The Revival (c) - SmackDown Tag Team Championship
  • Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura def. Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable
  • Sasha Banks def. Nikki Cross
  • Carmella and Dana Brooke def. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville - Winner scores a spot on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series
  • King Corbin def. Roman Reigns


It wasn’t a terrible episode of SmackDown. It just wasn’t even close to the joy that was last week’s SmackDown when the Saudi gov’t decided to hold the roster hostage and Triple H’s army had to come in and save the show. The Corbin promo, at the beginning of the show, was quite possibly one of the worst promos I have heard.