Logitech K780 First Impressions

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Logitech K780 Keyboard

Disaster struck my home office recently. I spilled coffee on my beloved Logitech K380 keyboard and it pretty much died instantly.

While the K380 is still sold in stores like Best Buy and Amazon, it is not available in the bold colors Logitech initially released for the line back in 2015. I liked the bold colors offered by the K380. It allowed you to add a splash of personality in a world dominated by Aluminum and Space Gray. So, I figured if I wanted to keep the same form factor and were to go back to bland colors, I might as well give the Logitech K780 a shot.

The two offer the same weight distribution and rounded keys, but the difference between the K380 and the K780 is the K780 has a number pad. Oh, how I have missed having a number pad!

RenderedImageThe Logitech K780 allows you to connect up to 3 devices and is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android devices. This means I can easily switch between my MacBook Pro, Standard Business-Issued Dell laptop and my iPad Pro 10.5″ with the tap of a button.

I did come across a couple of issues during the setup process:

  1. When I tried setting up Bluetooth connectivity between the Logitech K780 and my 2011 MacBook Pro the K780 did not come up in the device listing when I did a search for Bluetooth devices.
  2. Because of that, I had to use Logitech’s Unifying USB Receiver. The Unifying Receiver worked like a charm initially but didn’t work following a restart and I had to install Logitech’s Unifying Software on top of Logitech’s Logi Options software.

Keep in mind, these issues may be unique to my situation being that I’m using such an old machine. I have toyed with the idea of updating my Late 2011 MacBook Pro’s airport/Bluetooth card to 4.0, but haven’t pulled the trigger on that just yet.

Overall, I have been really enjoying using the Logitech K780. The keys need a little breaking in and I don’t mind the tablet/phone wedge stand as much as I thought I would.

I highly recommend this keyboard.